Understanding Learning Needs

Meeting Learners' Needs

Regain your focus in teaching and plan for successful lessons.

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Understanding Learning Needs”
The book is the outcome of over three decades of successfully meeting learners’ needs, sometimes in very challenging circumstances and a similar number of years of research and discussion. Reviews of the book have praised it for its practical down to earth approach firmly rooted in the practical aspects of teaching. Within the text there are opportunities for you to reflect and record your own approaches and experiences. It is hoped that the book becomes very much a record of your learning journey and successes as much as those under your guidance.
The first part of the book deals with meeting the learners’ needs.
The second part of the book focuses on the process we are trying to facilitate, that of learning.
Mindful learning is the topic for the third part of the book.
Understanding the independent learner forms the fourth section.
The final section is a warning about learning styles and labelling learners.

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